Ferda Ustun
Software Engineer

Consultant data professional and software engineer

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I've built a number of data pipelines for enterprise clients such as Glaxo Smith Kline, and worked on multiple personal projects.

  • Languages

    Experienced in C++, Python
    and Go

  • Personal Projects

    Passionate about Software

  • Cloud Compute

    Skilled in
    cloud providers such as GCP


Book Management System

Developed a Golang with MySQL book management system. The program stores books as records, along with their relevant information such as author, publisher, edition, and quantity available. Gorm was used to interact with the database, and Gorilla Mux for dealing with routes. Key features include adding new titles with the relevant information, displaying the details of all available books, searching for a book, as well as modifying and deleting existing records.

  • Gorm
  • Gorilla Mux
  • MySQL
  • Go


Full-Stack development of a Neural Network based dual Recommender System. The back-end is written entirely in Python using the Django framework; HTML and CSS were used for the front-end. The web-application itself leverages data science practices to produce product recommendations for users based upon a dataset of their previous likes and dislikes.

  • Python
  • Django
  • HTML
  • CSS

About Me

Confident engineer with a first class Masters degree. My work up until now has mainly involved designing robust and scalable pipelines in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I possess a solid understanding of fundamental computer algorithms, and how the structure of data impacts performance.

Personal Achievements

Google Cloud Platform Certified Professional Data Engineer

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